Sunday, January 9, 2005

Grudge Match (TM) to Jump the Shark (TM)?

Now that I've got my "I like end-systems doing the heavy lifting" rant out there, it's time to lighten up for a bit.

One of my favorite humor sites is the World-Wide Web Fights - Grudge Match page. They take the 4th-grade (age 9 for our international readers) concept of "oooh, what if the Enterprise took on the Death Star?" to its maximum silliness and fun. I've been a regular reader (and occasional Bronze-Medal contributor as well) for most of its 10 years of existence.

So now, their current match has the interesting property of having cursed-actor Ted McGinty as one of the contestants... and their hint for their next match is "Jumping the Shark", which I'll let readers follow this link to see background information on the term.

I was concerned that one of my favorite sites would not make it to its 10-year anniversary. So I sent a mail, and got this enigmatic response (full poor-form top-posted reply included):

Subject: Re: You're not going off the air, are you?

I can neither confirm nor deny these rumors.

- Brian (tm)

Dan McDonald wrote:
> Please tell me it's a 10-year anniversary stunt... bringing Ted McGinley
> aboard, and then teasing us about Jumping the Shark... please, please, please
> don't go off the air!
> A fan since 1995 (and recipient of both a Final Word and a Bronze Grudgie),
> Dan McD.

- Brian Wright
WWWF Grudge Match

"So consistently funny it ought to be developed into
a series for Comedy Central!"
- Entertainment Weekly

So I'm hoping it's just a stunt - and a funny one at that. If you're semi-knowledgible about American pop culture, you'll probably bust a gut at some of the matches on this site. Please click that link above and visit... before it's too late?!?

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