Thursday, July 13, 2006

Tunnel Reform now open for your perusal

IPsec in Solaris has one missing piece, and we're about to put it in place.

The IPsec Tunnel Reform project aims to give Solaris and OpenSolaris an RFC 2401-compliant tunnel-mode implementation.

There's a lot of changes in the source base, some of which aren't open sourced (IKE), but most of which are in existing OpenSolaris code. The project page has a webrev showing the changes thus far. We're trying to be more open in our development processes here in the Solaris group, and showing you Tunnel Reform before we've finished it, AND before we've started major test efforts, is Team IPsec's own way of contributing to this openness.

Think of the source snapshot as a "Code Preview" instead of a "Code Review". There's a newly-rewhacked design document there too, and we'd like you to look at it and discuss it on the OpenSolaris communities or the mailing list.

And once we're done with this, we can think about RFC 4301 (2401's replacement) and friends, more zones support, SMF-izing things, giving TX labelled SA support... :)

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