Wednesday, October 31, 2007

We'll miss you, Itojun

Jun-Ichiro Hagino, better known to the IETF community as Itojun, died on October 29th at the age of 37.

Please visit this link for a message from his colleages at Japan's WIDE Project.

He led the KAME/WIDE IPv6 work that now appears in all of the BSDs (including MacOS X), and even their user-land tools are in Linux. Having worked on one of the pre-KAME IPv6 implementations (NRL), I can tell you that Itojun pushed things along even further than I'd hoped.

I had the privilege to talk with him when I was attending IETF meetings, and even visited him on his home turf in Tokyo. He was very unassuming, enthusiastic, and an all-around Good Guy (TM). I'll miss him, and a LOT of other people will too. PLEASE follow the link I mentioned above to see what you can do to honor Itojun.

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