Sunday, May 18, 2008

How to rescue data from an iBook with thermal problems

My wife Wendy has had her iBook G4 for not-quite four years now. We had to return it once before via AppleCare due to thermal problems. Well, the thermal problems are back, and this time, there's no AppleCare for us to invoke. I managed to get the machine to behave itself only after leaving it powered off for a bit, but then it would lock again. I'd heard stories about putting computers in refrigerators to keep them cool enough to run. I never thought I'd try it myself.

We do, however, have a freezer in the basement. So check this out:


I managed to get Wendy's home-directory off, and that's what mattered. I'm heading off to the Apple Store to get a new MacBook (thank goodness for the just-arrived George-and-Nancy "Will you be my friend with this stimulus?" check). I hope to do the frozen data transfer one more time to bootstrap the new MacBook.