Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dear Santa... Steve... Tim Cook - A 64GB iPhone, please?

Waiting for three test boxes to install never helps one's concentration.

So tell me -- when are flash chips going to shrink small enough to allow a 64GB iPhone? Yes, I said it: "64GB iPhone." Not, "64GB iPod Touch," but, "64GB iPhone." I understand that the Touch has two slots for flash, where as the iPhone only has one (the Phone chips take up the Touch's other slot space). But quite honestly, I own a working phone (RAZRv3c, GSM) and a half-full 80GB iPod, and would jump at the opportunity to reduce these two devices into one. It's probably just a matter of time (and money, at least initially), but since... yep, all three machines are still installing, I'm going to vent to the half-dozen or so readers.

And while I'm at it, perhaps any iPhone fan{,atic}s in the audience can confirm or deny:

  • With the advent of the App Store, is there a working voice-dial app that I can use with an existing (cheap Motorola) bluetooth headset? Preferably where I only need to touch said headset and shout to make a call?

  • How painful are rolling your own ringtones?

  • (For Bonus points)Is there an non-jailbreak way of getting a terminal program running?

I suspect the answers are, "Sorta", "Annoying-but-doable", and "Yeah, right", respectively. I've done a little googling already, but the more clues I have, the merrier.

Any clues are, as always, welcome. Looks like one of those test boxes is finishing up. Time for test setup...