Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wanna help your Girl Scouts? Not unless you have Windows. :-P

My wife is the "cookie mom" for our twin girls who are in Daisy Scouts. She was very surprised when she logged in to the regional Girl Scouts cookie site (URL withheld in case any rabid fanboys do something stupid), and discovered that apparently, she needs to use Windows and Internet Explorer.

Their user documentation says: "We do not provide Mac support," and "Use any (non-Mac) computer at home or at work or at the local library." Does this mean they support OpenSolaris, Linux, or *BSD? Naaah, didn't think so.

We're a no-Windows household. We have three Macs, one work-issued OpenSolaris laptop, and a homebuilt OpenSolaris server. Especially in this age of people understanding vendor lock-in as a Bad Idea (TM), I'm shocked and appalled.

I'm going to forward this to a few Mac sites, and maybe slashdot. I'm sure nothing's going to change, but at least this should be discussed a bit, no?

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