Monday, August 1, 2011

MTV is 30, and do you remember PopClips?

MTV (Music Television... at least it used to be), is 30 today (or yesterday depending on how late I post this). I'm sure lots of people have written about this already. I'd recommend checking out this YouTube channel if you want a glimpse into the past. It has commercials inserted (which I believe weren't actually on MTV in those early days), but otherwise should stir some 1981 memories.

I'm here to write about a precursor to MTV that I remember seeing months before MTV appeared. Nickelodeon used to air a show on Sunday nights called "PopClips". Internet searching on it turns up very little. The Wikipedia article sums up all of my own recollections, and includes some tidbits that former Monkee Michael Nesmith produced the show.

Do any of you half-dozen readers who are approximately my age (40s) remember PopClips? I remember seeing some good videos on there that did eventually make their way to MTV (my favorite specifically from PopClips was "Walking on the Moon" from The Police). The amount of collective net data on PopClips is surprisingly sparse.